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Features for Reproduction Specialists

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Upload field checks from your cell phone

Each horse has an individual file with its own data, to which you can add events in its medical history using the loading templates:


  • Gynecological file

  • Services / Maquilas

  • Embryo transfer

  • General Clinic

  • Reminders

  • View templates

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Make the most of your digitized information

All the information recorded in the events automatically impacts the web application, preparing reports and statistics:


List of pregnancies
Pregnancy percentage
Recovery percentage
Billing and collections
Input expenditure per customer
And more...

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Share the information with your work team

Your information updated, organized and always available for your entire work team.

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Schedule the next checkup with a reminder

Every time you upload an event to an animal's medical record, you can schedule the next checkup with a reminder.

The app organizes a list of tasks for each day, which it sends to your email first thing in the morning.

So you can start the day in order and manage the pending tasks and carried out from the list.

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Your information with the security of a bank

All information is saved with a daily backup on the web for any eventuality with your cell phone.

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Optimize your time

Forget about folders and the effort of transferring data from paper to your computer. Minimize your office work.

Access a demo


The medical history of each of your horses always at hand

Haras y criadores de callos

Complete file of each horse right where you need it most: in the field.


It's time to take your gynecological records on your cell phone

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